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    Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream (2 Pack Most Popular)

    Perfect for All those Key Areas around your Body

    Slims the appearance of localized fat on the stomach, legs, hips, thighs and buttocks. Rehydrates and replenishes to restore a smooth, healthy look to the skin.

    You are left with a sculpting effect around these areas helping to shape a beautiful charming figure. 

    Nourishes the skin making it soft, smooth and tender and helps clear up that Cellulite. 

    Made from natural plant ingredients and firming skin ingredients, helps burn fat and helps crush the fat layer in the body, converting large cellulite into small cells.

    In the process of removing fat, it can lift the skin, eliminate cellulite, and make the skin smooth and delicate.

    If you exercise whilst having the cream applied, it can speed up your metabolism and blood circulation, via its slight heating effect.

    Offers a fast and great sculpting effect across the waist, legs, arms abdomen, helping to shape a beautiful and charming figure.

    cellulite cream

    Powerful Natural Formula That Guarantees Fast Results

    Made from Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), our Slimming Creams promotes the body's metabolism, accelerating the rate of fat consumption, and helps the body consume saturated fat.

    Combined with a Prunus Yedoednsis Leaf extract, rich in vitamins, it is a good moisturizing factor, brightens and rejuvenates the skin, and can also promote sugar metabolism and regulate oil balance.



      HOW TO USE

      INSTRUCT 1
      Apply the cream to the area of the body that you want to improve and activate the cream with a soft massage.

      INSTRUCT 2
      Apply the cream to the area of the body that you want to improve, After massaging, cover the area with a plastic wrap and leave it at least for 30- 50 minutes.

      Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, prunus yedoensis leaf extract, ceramide np,nicotinamide

      Note:Because everyone's physique is different, the effect of use varies from person to person. It is recommended to stick to massage every day for better effect with exercise.

      When massaging the cream to your massage your skin, you will feel a warm feeling, that may last for some time, this is totally normal and is safe.