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    Cuticle Oil Pen

    Cuticle and nail oil is an essential part of a daily regimen to maintain strong, healthy nails. It penetrates deep to hydrate, moisturize, and condition the cuticle, nail, and surrounding skin. Our convenient ‘click’ pen makes it handy to apply frequently and easily.

    With a twist of a pen, a complex blend of oil with fresh vitamins A & E power a rejuvenating jolt of repair for glowing, beautiful, and healthy cuticles and nails.

    What is it? 
    A luxurious artisan blend of premium Jojoba wax ester, olive oil, grape seed oil, vitamins A & E, and fragrance oils designed to hydrate and penetrate your cuticles, nails, and skin, while electrifying your senses with a breathtaking scent.

    What does it do? 
    We all love our nails to look beautifully manicured and polished to perfection, but maintaining nail health is no easy feat. All too often nails split, crack, or break - not only is it a bummer visually, it can be totally painful too. There are things you can do to get them back into good health.

    Born Pretty Cuticle Oil Pen help relieve dryness, cracking of nails, and formation of hangnails. Unlike creams, oils do a better job soaking into the nail bed and moisturize the structures of the nail bed longer than creams and gels. Jojoba oil, known as nature’s multitasker and generously provided by our product, is ideal for healthily hydrating skin and nails because it mimics the natural oils our bodies produce and penetrates your nails, keeping them strong and flexible.

    Our charming 2 milliliter pens filled with renewing, pure oils will keep your cuticles and nails healthy!