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    Double Head 3D Fiber Eyelash Enhancer


    • White + black, double head brush design
    • Black paste for eyelashes coloring, so that eyelashes become long and thick
    • White paste nourishes the lashes so that the lashes are smooth, soft and helthier
    • Waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-blooming
    • Exclusive new black with new formula for longer time effect
    • Gently brush, an instant access to thick and plump eyelashes effect
    • Curling improving formula can rapidly pulling each root eyelashes

    1. Thoughtful design. 
    Dense particles of the brush comb the lashes evenly from root to tip, forming a voluminous, lush makeup.

    2. Soft brush, easy and simple to use. 
    Makeup is easy to apply, separates every corner of the upper and lower lash line, even a beginner can easily make a great makeup.

    3. Long and fluffy eye-catching eyelashes. 
    Brush-pen makes lashes long and thick, easy to create your own stylish makeover.

    4. The brush allows you to create long and thick lashes. 
    With the mascara you can easily create your own irresistible eye makeup.

    5. Brush with a good design. 
    Fiber are uniformly attached to the brush, allowing you to comb the lashes from root to tip, creating an irresistible, thick lashes.

    6. Easy to use mascara, easy to apply, clearly separates the upper and lower eyelashes.


    1. First with the eyelash curler up the volume of eyelashes
    2. Brush your eyelashes with a white paste
    3. Brush your eyelashes with a black paste and repeat this action until the cream is dry