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    Facial Hair Epilator

    Slique is an epilator that removes hair on the face - and any parts of the body - from the roots without damaging the skin, like wax or discoloration. Its design is based on the threading style of hair removal, which you can easily and conveniently use compared to electric epilators which requires battery or charging. It works like a pair of scissors, with your fingers pushing down the handles with a clean and flawless end result.


    The first thing you need to do is to replace the thread in your slique threader. To do this, simply release the beaded ends and remove the thread  from the rear hook.
    Now, replace the thread with a new epilation thread from the slique thread cassette. The thread cassette comes with 10 pre-measured beaded lengths of epilation thread rolled into individual thread holders.

    To start, open the cassette and gently unroll the pre measured lengths of epilation thread away from its holder. Now you're ready to thread your new slique.

    Hold the slique threader facing downward. Insert one bead to the channel at the end of the left handle and round the thread from the outside inwards. Make sure the bead is fitted securely in the groove.


    Next, pull the thread to the length of the left handle into the channel at the end of the same side. Then simply hook the thread to the rear of the threader and out through the channel on the outside of the right handle. Hold the thread along the length of the right handle and twist the thread around four or five times around itself .


    After twisting the threader, run the thread through the channel at the front of the right handle from the inside outwards. Make sure once again that the thread fits perfectly on its groove.

    Check the tightness of the thread by applying light pressure on it with your finger.If it's too loose, you can tighten it by using the dial at the side.

    Now it's ready to use and you're on your way to silky hair free skin. Practice first using the area of your hair that is unnoticeable like in your fingers or toes.



    Wash your face with warm water. Thoroughly cleanse your skin with cleanser that you normally use. Then apply toner to keep the skin clean and oil-free during the epilation process. Apply a touch of dusting powder prior to epilation.


    Place the slique handle against your skin making sure the threaded side is touching your skin. Press the handles to remove hair follicle. Threading works by having the twisted thread loop capture and remove hairs from the follicle. It is important to position the slique so that the twisted thread moves against the direction of the hair growth.

    If you want to remove hair from the right sıde of your upper lip, the the front of the slique handle should be under your nose and the end against right cheek sınce hairs grow from the middle of the face toward the cheeks.

    Only one hand is needed to operate your slique so use your other hand to cover sensitive areas such as the eyes.

    Unlike tweezing one hair at a time, slique removes an entire straight line of hairs from the follicle all at the same time leaving the skin hair-free and soft.

    For best results, open and close the slique handle with quick precision.


    Immediately after, apply moisturizer to calm and cool the skin. When finished using, it ıs recommended that you discard the used thread for storage. Sımply lift the beaded end out of the rear hook and repeat the entire process of replacing the thread when you use it again. 


    • Cleaning method: Cleaning Cleaning Block
    • Shaved function: hair removal / shaving dual Hair removal device hair removal parts: facial / neck
    • Size: 59 * 40 * 43mm
    • Product Category: Manual Tweezers


    • 1 x Slique Threader
    • 1 x Slique thread cassette
    • 10 x pre-measured beaded individual thread holders (inside the cassette)