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    Galvanic Wrinkle Removing Pen

    Get Firmer, Brighter, Younger Looking Skin! 

    Stress and aging can be a large factor in how your skin looks. It causes wrinkles, redness, and causes your skin to lose its vitality and luster. Yet as much as you'd like to, getting a daily spa treatment can be a very time-consuming and expensive proposition.

    Thanks to technological advances you can get a spa-treatment massage right at home with the Galvanic Wrinkle Removing Pen! It uses gentle electrical impulses to increase the skin's production of hyaluronic acid which revitalizes your skin and keep it more supple and younger looking.

    Vibrating 280 per second, The Galvanic Wrinkle Removing Pen works as gentle massager that increases collagen and speeds up the repair of damaged skin fiber while a heating element keeps the massage head warm and helps restore luster to your skin, leaving your skin looking brighter.


    • Beveled massage head for a deeper massage control
    • Maintains a constant temperature of 40 degrees Celscius
    • Lead-in Ion technology, helps skin care essences seep deeper into the skin to reduce signs of aging
    • Heating can be turned off
    • The sensor automatically activates the pen when it touches your skin
    • Includes 1 USB charging cable