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    Gold Snow Black Mask (10pcs)

    Enriched with various ingredients with hydrating and anti-wrinkle effects. The mask helps to enhance skin's elasticity, anti-wrinkles and moisturize skin. At the same time, abundant of nutrients are provided for revitalization. Skin is resilient and smooth, showing healthy radiance.

    BENEFITS OF COLLAGEN - Collagen masks offer distinct benefits, owing to the fact that they cover so much of the skin's surface and are infused with an array of ingredients that deeply penetrate and moisturize the skin. As an added benefit, when you leave collagen mask on your face, it hydrates and tightens the skin, giving you an instant facelift.

    GREAT FIT AND NOT DRY - Don't bother with other masks that you have to cut due to fitment issues. They fit your face pretty well and are drenched in serum rather than being on the dry side as some sheet masks can be. It absorbs into your skin without leaving a nasty film or sticky residue after removal.

    HYDRATION IMPROVEMENT - After use you will notice a major improvement in the hydration level of your skin, which will also look plumper and softer.

    OTHER ADVANTAGES - It helps with very large pores, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and dry flaky skin and just by using these masks for two times a week your skin will get very soft and radiant.

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are confident in the quality of our products, Your satisfaction is our priority, If our face mask doesn't meet your needs, we will refund you with the full amount. We are that confident in the quality of our products.


    1. Nice Gold Moisturizing Face Mask for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle

    2. Moisturizing, Nourishing, and hydrating

    3. Stimulate skin cells regeneration and repair

    4. Increase fibre flexibility and refirming skin

    5. Balance skin, water and oil


    1. Clean your face thoroughly then dry

    2. Apply the mask onto your face evenly making sure there are no bubbles

    3. Wear the facial mask for around 20-30 mins, then peel if off

    4. Slightly massage the extra essence onto the skin till fully absorbed

    5. Do this twice a week to see the changes to your skin