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    Magnetic Face Mask

    Want to improve your dry or imperfect skin conditions & look more youthful & energized?  This revolutionary Magnetic Face Mask uses the advanced bio-magnetic technology to help you tighten your skin, anti-age, hydrate with minerals & brighten your skin complexion!

    The Magnetic Face Mask is the newest way to clear your pores, toxins and other particles that get stuck on your face.  The mask helps reduce inflammation, pimples and signs of aging and it’s much easier to use than a normal face mask.  The iron particles help lift it off your face with ease!

    Combination of Advanced Bio-Magnetic Technology & Natural Mineral Ingredients

    Bio-magnetic technology has been proven to reduce inflammation, enhance the skin’s ability to heal itself naturally & restore the functions of ageing skin cells via increasing the blood circulation.  Treated together with the infused volcanic, mineral ingredients, your skin is able to receive all the benefits easily & you will see noticeable improvement immediately!

    This magnetic mask contains iron magnetic particles that draw out toxins & daily residue trapped in the skin while the electromagnetic interactions stimulate a force-field effect that increases your blood circulation, thereby tightening your skin & letting your skin recover faster naturally. The mask is rich with volcanic clay minerals that provide hydration & brighten’s your complexion.

    Simple to Use, Satisfying Results!

    After a face wash, apply the mask evenly on the face using the spatula except for parts around the eyes & mouth. Wait for 10 min after application until the essence is completely absorbed on the face. Put a plastic cover on the head of the magnetic cleaner and slowly remove the mask by moving the magnetic cleaner around your facial area. After the mask is completely removed, let the essence penetrate into your skin.

    After the lift, there are also anti-oxidants to neutralize the free radicals and peptides to firm up your skin. You will instantly feel the difference!