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    Heated Therapy Belt™️



    Cancelled plans because of period pain. Wanting to stay in bed all day because your cramps are so bad - we get it. We know those feelings. Which is why we created the Heated Therapy Belt, a convenient solution for even the worst period pain.


         Why Choose Our Heated Therapy Belt ??

    The Heated Therapy Belt can promote blood circulation and metabolism in the abdomen, relieve menstrual pain, and improve symptoms of palace cold.
    Mobile power supply, built-in thermal therapy pad, deep heating and infrared penetration, quiet work.

    it can be used anywhere, in the workplace, at home or in the gym. The sturdy paste is always securely fastened. Suitable for long-term painful office workers in the waist, drivers, fitness organizations and dysmenorrhea women.
    This portable electric heating belt keeps the waist and abdomen warm in winter, provides comfortable heating therapy for lumbar muscle pain, relieves dysmenorrhea or stomach pain, massages, heats the abdomen and back.
    Fast heating, over current protection, over voltage protection, over heat protection, safety and comfort.

    Heated Therapy Belt Band Pad Features: 

    Warming Heating Pad Belt:
    The Vibration Heated Waist Belt Adopting graphene heating technology, fast heating up in minutes, easily reaches the depth of abdomen and keeps your abdomen warm during special times, can effectively improve the dysmenorrhea after long time use, also suitable for stomach cold, cold hands, and feet.

    Three Heat & Massage Setting:

    The Waist Belt with 40°C, 55°C, and 65°C heating temperature with adjustable vibration frequency, constant massaging, and heating therapy treatment promotes blood circulation and relaxes the body, effectively relieves the discomfort caused by dysmenorrhea.

    65 ℃ (red light) is specially designed for dysmenorrhea girls. The hot but not hot temperature makes menstrual period no longer uncomfortable; 55 ℃ (white light) before and after menstruation, the body is empty, and the moisture enters, and the moderate temperature warms the uterus just as well; 40 ℃ (blue light) daily uterine care, the slightly hot temperature makes the body warm up.

    USB Charging:

    5V working voltage and convenient USB charging design, so that you can take power from the power bank, wear the warming belt and walk around without the restriction of a cable. The power bank can be put in a battery pocket and fixed on the belt.

    Fully Washable:
    The heating belt is fully washable and works normally even contacting with water, with no risk of electric shock, convenient for daily use and cleaning.

    Normal use in case of water, no risk of electric shock, no disassembly and washing (PS: please put it in the laundry bag for machine washing, so as to avoid winding the power cord)


    Foldable & Portable:
    Ultra-thin and lightweight, adds less burden to your body while wearing; The warming belt is 94cm long, can be freely adjusted according to your waistline with hook-n-loop; Foldable design makes it easy to carry and use anytime anywhere.

    Multi gear vibration massage:

    Multi gear vibration massage, mobile power supply, 3-speed temperature adjustment, 3-second fast heating, heating balance, increasing heating area, light and thin, no trace, no disassembly and washing, light and portable.

    Warming Belt Specification:

    Item Type: Warming Belt
    3 Heat Settings: 40°C, 55°C, 65°C
    Rated Voltage: 5V
    Color: As shown
    Material: Lycra + Graphene
    Size: Suits for S-XL size 800-1600mm

    Use Tips:
    1. Take out the USB power jack and plug it into a power bank;
    2. Put the power bank into the battery pocket and fix it firmly with hook-n-loop;
    3. Press and hold the power button for 3s to turn on heating/vibration mode;
    4. Short press to adjust heating temperature/vibration frequency;
    5. Press and hold the power button until the button light goes off to turn off the device.

    Package Includes:
    1 x Electric Heating Pad