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Lash Magic Waterproof Eyelashes

These natural eyelashes are ultra-waterproof!

Instantly achieve gorgeous eyes with this Lash Magic Waterproof Eyelashes - the magical eyelashes enhancer for a perfect and enchantingly tantalizing look. 

NATURAL LOOKING EYELASHES – These eyelashes works wonder to any eyes, and fits any face shape. These are natural-looking hair-like eyelashes to achieve a fairly beautiful, natural and thick eyelash.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - These are made imitation hair material for any woman's beauty enhancement purposes. It also comes with an eyelash melt glue for easy and convenient sticking.

STICKS ON EASILY – These hold up so strong that it will not pull away easily. No need to fear of crying or washing your face, these magic eyelashes is sure to stick firmly together with your natural eyelashes. 

WATERPROOF –  It has strong water-resistant bonds! When it’s on, you need not worry about getting wet because its sticking gel does not easily pull off.

SAFE TO USE – The sticking glue is irritation-free and has passed several facial cleanser tests so with the eyelashes.

Hurry up! Buy yourself this Lash Magic Waterproof Eyelashes without batting an eyelash. This is all you'll ever need! Have yours NOW!