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    Make-Up Bullet Sponge

    The Makeup Bullet Sponge is the most user-friendly makeup sponge that transforms your finger into the perfect blending tool. The Makeup Bullet fits firmly onto your finger to soften, smudge, and blend your product in a natural fashion while keeping your hand free and fast. It also allows control, speed, accuracy and flawless coverage for a variety of liquid, creme and powder cosmetics. It is fit for a more effective application and it can easily switch from a brush to a sponge without putting either of them down. You can use it on your pinky as a finger rest without leaving an imprint for close-up media to see. These sponges are perfect for smoothing out contours and highlight, smudging kohl pencil, softening eyeshadow, or for blending in concealer in hard-to-reach places without the accidental pokes, jabs or scratches from your fingernail.



    This Makeup Bullet Sponge cosmetic is built to last long and spend less by washable sponge  to be used time and time again.  The Makeup Bullet finger sponge works perfectly every time whether you're working with liquids, creams or powders. It fits comfortably on a finger no matter the size of your artistic tool, this finger sponge is guaranteed to fit perfectly.

    Damp the Makeup Bullet Sponge without getting any allergic and irritation reaction while blending and smudging makeup. Slip a makeup finger foam thimble onto your finger for the delicate skin around your eyes and on your index finger for blending around the nose and the hairline. Now you have even more blending control and you can leave your hands free to hold whatever else and steadying the hand against the face for protection to freshly applied makeup from oils on the hands. 


    ❖ Because it is a hands free design, you can leave your hands free to hold whatever else

    ❖ It’s composition is 100% latex free, which means you are free from irritation and allergy reaction from the Makeup Bullet Sponge

    ❖ It is proven to be super effective for blending as it perfectly works with any types of liquids, creams, foundation, and powders very well.

    ❖ The sponge is definitely washable and reusable. This means you can spend less because it is built to last long and you can use it time and time again

    ❖ Obviously, it is very easy to use. Just slip into the finger and blend.


    • Size:30 * 60 mm
    • Material: Hydrophilic non-latex 
    • Dimensions: Inside diameter mouth 15 mm



    • 1 x Makeup Bullet Sponge