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    Natural Earwax Removing Candles

    Cotton swabs not getting the job done when trying to remove your pesky earwax? In fact, cotton swabs are known to push earwax further into the ear canal, sometimes even causing negative effects.

    That's why one of the most effective methods of earwax removal is actually ear candling, which is a non-invasive method that places the bottom of a special candle into the ear. The top of the candle is then lit, which creates a vacuum in the ear canal and draws out excess earwax and impurities from the ear canal.


    • Natural Earwax Removing Candles can safely remove earwax at home with excellent results in just a few minutes
    • Safe, natural, and non-toxic - Natural ingredients make for a clean, consistent and slow burning flame with very little ash or debris
    • Handmade from highest quality beeswax and unbleached premium cotton - Beeswax burns with consistency and almost no smoke, unlike paraffin petroleum candles
    • Promotes relaxation and meditation - Draws out impurities and relieves head pressure and stress and promotes circulation