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    Smiling Nail Art Guide

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    Are you longing for a perfect french tip? But can't make it as perfect as you wanted it to be? Well, Smiling Nail Art Guide is the answer. 

    French Nail Art is a kind of manicure that is done in short-to medium-length of nails. The nails are shaped into round or square and a white polish is applied on each tip of nails and a beige or flesh tone is brushed in your whole nail.

    How to use: 

    • First, apply the base coat.
    • Second, put the French Nail Art Guide and paint the tip of your nail with white polish or any designated color of polish you want.
    • Third, remove the  French Nail Art Guide
    • Lastly, add a clear coat to protect the look of your freshly painted nails. 

    Package Included: 5 packs Nail tips (Each Pack includes 48 guides)