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    Vacuum Pro

    The Vacuum Pro™ is designed as a convenient solution for blackheads, whiteheads, acne, makeup residue, oil residue, and dead skin. It helps maintain your skin in perfect condition with minimum effort.

    The benefits are many

    Deep pore cleansing: Thoroughly removes dirt trapped in the pores and sucks out blackheads, whiteheads, and many other residues.
    Skin rejuvenation: Our exfoliating tip provides a non-intruding treatment to rub off your top skin layer and removes dead skin cells.
    Facelifting: Our skin suction system creates a gentle stimulating experience, with a firming effect on the skin.
    Wrinkle smoothing: Rejuvenates your skin by gently massaging the face, allowing blood circulation which is key to cell renewal which tightens your skin.
    You'll get a spa quality facial without paying spa prices.

    One tool for everything

    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Cleans skin from the core
    • Removes blackheads, acne, various residues, and dirt with ease
    • Increases blood circulation for rejuvenation of the skin leading to a reduction of wrinkles.
    • Suitable for all ages

    Easy to follow instructions

    1. Steam your face using a hot towel or a facial steamer for 2-5 minutes to soften your skin.
    2. Start the Vacuum Pro™ by holding down the power switch for 5 seconds. Adjust the intensity level by pressing the power button.
    3. Move the Vacuum Pro™ around your face with normal pressure (In single stroke motion), do not keep it in one place for too long as the suction may cause bruising on sensitive skin.
    4. Wash your face with cold water to close the pores. Finish with a little moisturizer for glowing skin.
    5. Clean the interchangeable heads using hot water and soap.

    Clean skin and glowing contrasts within minutes! 

    You receive 

    • 1x Vacuum Pro
    • 1x Vacuum Pro Box
    • 1x Microcrystalline Head
    • 1x Oval Head
    • 1x All-In-One Head
    • 1x Elliptical Head
    • Small Circular Head
    • 5x Sponges
    • 4x Silicone Rings
    • 1x USB Charger
    • 1x Welcome Card
    • 1x Instructions Card